Welcome to Charlton County Finance Department.

Finance department has information for these areas: finance, payroll and accounts payable. Please fill out the proper forms and return them to the finance, payroll, or accounts payable office or call this phone number for additional answers to your questions: 912-496-2596

How Does Georgia Fund Schools Video

School District Financial Information

FY-23 Proposed Budget Information

Previous Years' Budgets Information

FY-22 Proposed Budget Information

FY-21 Proposed Budget Information

FY-21 Tax Levy History Notice

FY-20 Tax Levy History Notice

Notice of Property Tax Increase

Press Release Announcing a Proposed Property Tax Increase


Matt Wainright
Business: 912.496.2596 / Ext. 2014
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Karen Huling
Business: 912.496.2596 / Ext. 2002
Payroll Clerk

Sheila Smith
Business: 912.496.2596
Accounts Payable Clerk

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