Charlton Superintendent Releases School Opening Plan




The Charlton County School System continues to make plans for the 2020-2021 school year.  Our goal is to bring back our students and staff as safely as possible for in-person learning on August 5th.  We have surveyed our parents and staff members and the majority of respondents indicated they are ready to return to school.  We must, however, adhere to state mandates, and thus the Board of Education continues to collaborate with the Georgia Department of Education, the Governor’s Office and the Georgia Department of Public Health. 

Traditional Learning Plan

  • Staff and students will be allowed to wear face masks but not required. Parents must provide face masks for students who elect to wear them.  A supply of masks may be available from the state of Georgia
  • Cleaning and disinfecting routines in classrooms and frequently touched surfaces will be followed daily
  • Deep cleaning of each school will occur weekly as school will be released at 1:00 p.m. every Wednesday for as long as necessary.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for students and staff and frequent hand washing will be encouraged
  • Frequently touched surfaces on the bus will be cleaned twice daily
  • Attempts will be made to reduce the number of students per bus including encouraging parents to transport students to school if at all possible (it will be impossible to fully social distance on our buses – masks are encouraged)
  • Staff or students who are sick must stay home
  • Other than the office area, the schools will be accessible to students and staff members only
  • Lunch periods may be shortened
  • Staggered lunch schedules may be used to reduce number of students in cafeteria
  • Staggered times may be used for changing classes to minimize the number of students in hallways (to the extent practical) More time may be provided for class changes if needed
  • Unnecessary congregations of students and staff will be prohibited
  • Georgia High School Association guidelines for sporting events and practices will be followed
  • Strategies will be utilized to decrease close contact by students while completing instructional tasks
  • Staff members will be evaluated daily for COVID-19 symptoms including temperature checks
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed to the extent practical

Should a decision be made that will not allow in-person learning on August 5, 2020, school will still begin for Charlton County students in a distance learning format.

Virtual Learning Option

The Charlton County School System will offer a virtual learning option for those parents who are not ready for their children to return to in-person learning.  An application will be required and parents must agree to a semester long commitment.  In addition, it will be the parent’s responsibility to provide sufficient technology (device and connectivity) for the child to be successful in virtual learning.  An application will be available at all schools and on the system webpage beginning July 13, 2020.  The deadline to enroll for virtual learning will be July 16, 2020.  Virtual learning requires a supportive parent or adult for the digital learning experience to be successful, especially for PK-3 students.   

These plans are subject to change.  Do you have questions?  Email