Compact and Policy

St. George Elementary School

Kathy Birman & Valerie Johnson, Parent Involvement Coordinator


1. SGE has a current parent involvement policy. The policy is reviewed at the beginning of each school year and additions, omissions and corrections are made at this time.

2. The policy is submitted to the Leadership Team for review within a reasonable time correlating to the start of the school year. The Leadership Team discusses the policy and amends as necessary.

3. The Parent Involvement Coordinator presents the policy to the Parent Involvement committee at the first committee meeting prior to the Title 1 annual meeting. The committee accepts it or amends it as needed.

4. If amended by the Parent Involvement committee, it then is returned for review to the Leadership Team. After the PI committee and Leadership team review, the policy is then copied for parent review.

5. The policy is sent home with every enrolled student with a place for a parent signature of acceptance. If a parent requests changes the policy is then amended with the change and sent again to all enrolled students within our school.

6. At the title annual meeting, the policy is again discussed and distributed for changes to be made.

7. The Parent Involvement compact is adopted in the same manner.

8. Parents are notified by letter at the final revision that all signed Parent Involvement Policies and Compacts are available on site with the Parent Involvement Coordinator.