FES Book Fair Oct. 22-30th

Folkston Elementary School is ready for a Spooky book fair!

The fall book fair will be October 22th through October 30th in the FES library. Students will be able to shop at the book fair this year during their regularly scheduled grade level library time. Due to COVID-19 and the need to protect or students and staff, parents will not be able to visit the book fair this year.

To see what will be available to your student, or to have the opportunity to shop with your student, you can do it from the comfort of your own home by going to the FES Book Fair web page and shopping online from home.

Scholastic offers online shopping. These purchases are delivered to your home. Go to the FES Book Fair web page https://www.scholastic.com/bf/folkstonelementaryschool3 and shop online from Oct. 17 to Oct. 30th. Click the Shop Online link on the web page to go to the Scholastic Book Fair store.  When you click the link, Scholastic will ask you to sign in, if you don’t sign in the media center will not get a portion of your purchase to use to buy new books.

If you don’t want to send your young one with cash/check to shop independently, feel free to use Scholastic’s eWallet as a payment option. This digital payment system allows us to look up a student’s eWallet account through the cash register and use that student’s designated money to pay for the purchases. More information can be found on the FES Book Fair web page.

Additionally we take cash, checks and credit cards. Remember, shopping at the book fair benefits not only your student personally, but the media center as well. The FES media center will receive a portion of the book sales at the end of the fair. The money earned by the library will be used to purchase books for every FES student to enjoy!

Anyone with questions about eWallet, shopping online, or the book fair may contact the media specialist, Johnna Pinholster, at 912-496-7369.