Kindergarten Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List
Listed below are supplies your child will need for kindergarten.
We use a lot of glue and crayons so we will ask several times throughout
the year to replenish them. You may want to purchase more while they
are on sale.

(1) Package of # 2 pencils (10 or more)
(2) Pink Pearl erasers
(2) Jumbo stick glue
(2) 24 pack of crayons (Crayola if possible)
(2) 8 count pack of large crayons (Crayola if possible)
(1) Small plastic supply box (no handles)
(1) Book bag big enough for folders and library books (no rolling bags)
(1) headphones with 2.5 mm connector
(1) Pair of scissors (Fiskars blunt tip work best)

(2) composition notebook

The following is requested but not required:

(1) box of quart zipper bags
(1) box of gallon zipper bags
(2) boxes of tissue (we will need this throughout the year)
(1) container of baby wipes
(1) container of disinfectant clean up wipes
(1) bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer
(1) roll of paper towels
(1) can of Lysol spray
(1) box of Band-Aids