Ornament Project Stories

The Littlest Christmas Tree 

Snowmen at Night 

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Family Ornament Project

Dear Families,

We are doing the Ornament Project a little different this year.

Please go to the school website or Facebook page to access a link to one of the following stories: The Littlest Christmas Tree, or Snowmen at Night.

Your child is bringing home 2 paper ornaments. Together choose a story, listen to the story read aloud by following the link posted on FES Facebook page or FES website. Then, as a family project decorate the ornament that goes with the story you chose.

The ornament will be displayed in our school during the Christmas Luncheon Celebration on  December 6, 2019.

Please help your child cut out and decorate the ornament that corresponds to the story you and your student chose.  You are welcome to use pictures, glitter, themes, crayons or anything else you can imagine, however; the ornaments will not be returned.

If you choose to put food items on your ornament PLEASE place the ornaments in a zip-lock bag. All ornaments must be returned to their homeroom teacher by THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5TH.

We hope you have fun reading and working with your child.



Folkston Elementary School Faculty and Staff