Gifted services are offered for all eligible students in grades K-8. Referrals for consideration may be made by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, peers, or the student.

To be eligible for gifted education services, a student must either (a) score at or above the 99th percentile (for grades K-2) or the 96th percentile (for grades 3-12) on the composite or full scale score of a standardized test of mental or (b) qualify through a multiple criteria assessment process by meeting the criteria in any three of the following four areas: mental ability (intelligence), achievement, creativity and motivation.

Students who demonstrate satisfactory performance in gifted education services shall continue to receive such services. Any student who fails to maintain satisfactory performance in gifted education classes will be placed on probation for one semester, during which time the student shall continue to receive gifted education services. A review shall be conducted prior to cessation of gifted education services.