Procedures to Collect, Review and Take Action on

Parent Involvement Feedback

St. George Elementary School


Amy Bell, Parent Involvement Coordinator



Annually, SGE will send a Parent Involvement survey that aligns with six components of the NCLB law pertaining to parent involvement. In addition to the annual survey, each event will have a survey that parents will be asked to complete.


The results of the annual survey will be tallied and reviewed by SGE’s leadership team. If changes to our parent involvement program are necessary, the leadership team puts together a protocol for the change. The same steps are taken with the individual event surveys. Each of the surveys are reviewed in a timely manner and reported on as appropriate to the Parent Involvement Committee.

Taking Action

The protocol is written and then submitted to the Parent Involvement committee for review. If this protocol is agreed on by the PI committee then it is adopted as the protocol for our school. IF not the Leadership team and the Parent Involvement Committee will convene a meeting to discuss other reasonable options. The Parent Involvement Coordinator will arrange meeting place and time, and will take official minutes for the meeting.