GA Dept. of Public Health-Mosquito Control

With students, staff, and faculty about to embark for their summer vacation, here is some educational material concerning mosquito bite and breeding site prevention:

ZIKA Fact Sheet.TipNToss.ENGLISH

ZIKA Fact Sheet.TipNToss.SPANISH



The Georgia Department of Public Health’s Vector Surveillance Coordinator may be setting mosquito traps at the schools during the summer break.  The traps are placed during the afternoon, and picked up the next morning.  Their traps are small, battery-operated fans that draw the insects into a canvas bag.  (Please see the attached pictures).  They use either light and dry ice or hay-infused water as attractants.  The data they collect will be used for statewide vector/disease monitoring.  Based on the species captured and the site evaluation, they will make recommendations for dealing with any mosquitoes on the school’s premises.  The information gathered from the assessment is very valuable to their efforts to protect our community from arboviruses and other vector related diseases. 

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